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A quick way to fertilize!

A quick way to fertilize!

Fertilizing with a siphon mixer allows hobbyist gardeners the ease of diluting, mixing, and spreading their liquid fertilizers evenly, and efficiently. Here we have a few types we will discuss such as the "Siphon Mixer", Hozon Brass siphon mixer, and a "Garden feeder"™. For local farmers that do not want to spend money and time with a fertilizer injector, the venturi, or Hozon brass syphon mixer can be the best bet for a quick and effective way for fertilization. The venturi is the more cost effective choice of the two, but the flow rate and longevity allow it to hold a cheaper price, although obsolete, compared with the Hozon brass siphon mixer. The venturi and brass siphon mixer is the same design utilizing different materials.

The best one to use I found through trial and error is the Hozon brass siphon mixer and a bucket. But if your style of gardening demands a thin formula of fertilizer, such as chemicals or the less organic type, the cheaper alternative is the yellow-plastic "Siphon mixer"™. The "Grow-More Siphon Mixer"™ applies water-soluble fertilizer, fungicides, or insecticides through a garden hose at a ratio of 16 gallons to 1 gallon. It siphons the mixture from a bucket through a flexible suction tube and dilutes it with the passing water. Connect the siphon mixer directly to an outdoor faucet then connect to garden hose for easy fertilization! Although this is an economic choice, for an even easier fertilization experience choose the Hozon Brass siphon.

A brass fitting is a stronger, longer lasting alternative to plastic syphon mixers on the market. It is tried and true! This time-tested design has never changed over the many years that this brass version has been on the market. I found it to be the most simple to use, and consistently worked the times I have used it. The fertilizer mix siphons up through the rubber tube and into the garden hose. No more measuring and mixing needed. Be sure to allow the water to run a bit longer after the bucket depletes of nutrients so you avoid burning the plants, and distribute the fertilizers evenly over the root base.

Mixing the formula depends on the plant. Fill a bucket with water, and mix the desired fertilizer contents to put the Hozon brass siphon mixer hose submerged under water. The new design is unrestricted providing a more powerful water flow through the hose" which I find to be very accurate when comparing the Hozon Brass siphon mixer to other plastic syphon mixers that get clogged with various types of organic nutrients.

The alternative to the Brass siphon mixer is the Garden feeder which acts like a bucket, and siphon all in one. The limitations of the "Garden feeder" are that you must refill it frequently. If you plan to dispense over a larger area than a small plot garden, your best bet is to use a brass syphon mixer, and bucket. The Garden Feeder is the economical way to fertilize, for home garden this is a great choice! A great item to supplement liquid plant food is the Garden feeder but is not as practical as the Brass Siphon, and bucket combination.