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How to Use Oasis Horticubes to Your Advantage

How to Use Oasis Horticubes to Your Advantage

Like the Oasis Rootcubes, the Oasis Horticubes can make your plants even better with less labor involved and better plants for the ending product. They allow growers to take out steps in production, with better results. They are an excellent product, especially for organic farmers and farmers who enjoy working with hydroponics.

Oasis Horticubes are extremely porous, meaning they can hold a large amount of water, which is good for early propagation and growing. They are mainly used for starting plants by stem cuttings, and they have a neutral pH balance, which is important for plants to grow properly; however, they do not have fertilizer built in. Since the fertilizer is not already mixed in, they need to be fertilized with a mild nutrient solution, which should be added after the first addition of water after germination takes place. The steps to using are simple to follow and can be accomplished quickly.

First, soak the cubes in water or cutting solution. Next, stick the stem cuttings that have been retrieved 3-5 inches from the growing tip in a rooting hormone and then place them into the pre-made holes in the cubes. They should be stuck in at least 1/3 of the depth of the cube and no more than 3/4, and if the diameter of the cutting is smaller than the pre-made hole, simply stick it in the cube right next to the hole. Within 5-10 days a callous should form, with total propagation beginning 14-21 days after being placed in the cube. Make sure the newly placed cuttings are kept moist and that the heat at the bottom is maintained between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Fertilizing should start after the roots start to appear and should be maintained until you decide to transplant. When the plants are ready to be transplanted, cut the individual cubes with a knife and transplant them into a medium. When doing this, a clean medium should be used that can handle a high water content. Aside from this, the base needs to be able to drain all the excess water from the cuttings.

 Oasis Horticubes are an excellent product used for beginning stem cuttings, resulting in positive ending products. By eliminating steps from the whole process, growers are able to be more time efficient and work on other projects, while getting an even better ending project. Oasis Horticubes are an excellent item to be considered when you begin planting your crops and Growers Solution can be your supplier of this useful tool.