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Poly vs. Glass Houses

Poly vs. Glass Houses

The top question for new or old greenhouse users is what type to pick between polyethylene or glass house. Of course, both have their share of advantages and disadvantages. For one, the glass greenhouse is the more traditional-style house, but at the same time, the polyethylene house is the least expensive choice, which can be a big factor in deciding which to choose. In my opinion, polyethylene is the way to go, but do not let just my word influence you; let me break down the pros and cons of each product.


For the beautiful, picturesque glass greenhouse, one cannot deny that it is flashy and eye appealing. However, you have to have the budget and finances to purchase the pretty glass, and keep up with the care of the materials. Glasshouses do in fact let in a higher level of light and usually last longer than polyethylene houses, but they are also difficult to keep warm during the cold months, which is a major factor with a greenhouse, and they also let in the harmful rays of light that can damage your plants. Sure, they may have better crop protection, if say for instance a heavy, moist snow comes along. The polyethylene house may not be able to withstand the amount of snow, but when you take into account how easily breakable the glass houses are, I still wonder if it is worth it. It will just depend on what part of the country you live in and your normal weather conditions. Not only can it possibly damage your plants with the amount of light let in, but it can also be drafty, not to mention how difficult it is to assemble in the first place. Everything must be perfectly square and precise. So yes, the glass greenhouses may be more expensive looking, but with that expensive look, you also have many negative facts to consider as well.


For the polyethylene greenhouse, it also has its share of flaws. For instance, there are reduced light conditions in the winter because of the double layer of poly. In addition, there is increased humidity and it usually does not have as long as a lifespan as the glass house. On the contrary, polyethylene is less expensive to build and less expensive to keep heated because of the double layer poly, which keeps it thoroughly insulated. Aside from this, polyethylene houses can be put in various types of climate regions across the country and is abundant in its light diffusion. With that, it also blocks out the bad ultraviolet light that can have a negative effect on your greenhouse plants. Overall, the polyethylene greenhouse has significant advantages that should not be overlooked.

So polyethylene greenhouse or glass greenhouse? Obviously, each have their own unique qualities that can make them more preferred over the other. The glass houses last longer, but the polyethylene is less expensive by a long shot and is easy to build yourself. No matter my choice, you must pick the one that best suites you, your financial state, and your weather conditions. However, if you choose to go with the poly route, I urge you to let Grower's Solution be your supplier.