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Ironsides Red Lay Flat Hose

Ironsides Red Lay Flat Hose

If you are a gardener, a farmer, or just someone who uses a water hose, then you know what a pain it is having to string it out, only for it to get tangled and kinked up. Once this happens, then you are stuck having to work out the kinks and no matter how hard you try to do the “whip” method, it never seems to work. In the end, you have to walk to untangle and unkink it anyways, after struggling with it. You could say that I have had my fair share of stringing out water hoses across the farm to water goats, horses, pigs, dogs, whatever animal we had at the time. Therefore, I for one know how frustrating it is when the hose has a mind of its own and does not want to cooperate. That is why the Ironsides Lay Flat Hose is so awesome. It resists knotting up, which is a major plus for anyone having to string out a hose.

The Ironsides Red Lay Flat Hose is made of PVC tubing, which makes it sturdy and durable, but yet flexible for easy use. It also has two spiral piles and a set of longitudinal cords, which assist in the flexibility and easiness to string out. It can hold a high amount of pressure and possesses a high level of ozone resistance. It comes in several different sizes, ranging from 100 to 300 feet in length, having a circumference of 1 ½ inches to 8 inches, for whatever your requirements of water needs.

No longer will you have to drag out a 300-foot hose, only to have to retrace your steps to unkink and untwist the hose. By investing in a Ironsides Red Lay Flat Hose, being the water supplier will become much easier and more time efficient. With the ease of just simply uncoiling the hose, your daily chores will be made much easier and less aggravating. I urge anyone who has to use a water hose to invest in an Ironsides Red Lay Flat Hose for the elimination of frustration and, in the long run, having more time to accomplish other tasks.