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Keeping Plants Warm

Keeping Plants Warm

If you are one of those eager growers that is ready to get their seeds in the soil as quickly as possible, then these products are going to interest you because they are all about getting that jump-start on planting before the last frost. Here at Grower’s Solution, we offer a variety of products that better your garden or greenhouse, and help you have the best products possible. To keep your plants nice and toasty for early planting, we have items such as Dewitt’s Thermal Blanket, DuPont Pointbond Featherweight Row and Seed Bed Cover, Hot Kaps, and N-Sulate Frost-Winter Blanket. Each of these products has unique features that allow your plants reach their greatest potential as soon as possible.

The Dewitt’s Thermal Blanket is a white polypropylene that is not woven and is needle punched. It covers the plants, while still letting rain and irrigation in and holding the heat in as well. You won’t have to worry about your plants burning or dying from too much heat either because this blanket can be left on, even on the sunniest of days. This item is ideal because it is worry-free and maximizes growth easily.


The DuPont Pointbond Feather Weight Row and Seed Bed Cover is great because it is reusable for many seasons to come if handled with care. They are preferred because they screen out annoying pests and bugs, while allowing you to start early planting with results of 90-95% seed germination, as compared to hay or straw that only gives results of 60-65% seed germination. As you can tell, this item is very versatile in all the contributions it possesses to making the most out of your growing and selling season.


The next item, Hot Kaps, are known across the nation thanks to the Martha Stewart show. Hot Kaps are mini teepee houses that are simply placed and attached over your plants and crops. They protect the plants until they are fully rooted and they can lengthen your growing season by 2-4 weeks. This item, like the DuPont Pointbond Feather Weight Row and Seed Bed Cover, helps protect the plant from too much sun exposure and unwanted insects. Hot Kaps have actually been around for more than 60 years. They were originally created by Germanco Commercial Growers and are made of a waxed paper. As you can tell, these Hot Kaps are a great product that is ideal for protection.


The last product I would recommend for early seed starting is the N-Sulate Frost-Winter Blanket, which protects from the severe cold and freezing temperatures. They are made up of a UV-treated fabric and they are virtually easy to install. You simply cover the plants as you would cover yourself with a blanket, except you should make sure it is secure and can live through the earthly elements, such as wind.

Overall, all these products are great ways of starting early germination. They all provide heat, which is vital to early plants, while also providing protection from worldly conditions such as unwanted pests, severe temperatures, and wind gusts, which all can damage plants, especially young plants. I would highly recommend these products, whether your planting season has started already or not, and they are all available at Grower’s Solution.