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Roll Up Side Instructions

Roll Up Side Instruction

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Step 1

  • You will need two different side boards, a bottom board and a hip board.
    Recommended lumber is pressure treated 2 x 6’s. You will also need 1 ½” wood screws to attach your wire base (not supplied). We recommend mounting the hip board at 3 ft. high however; this can go higher or lower depending on personal preference (Figure 1.1).


Step 2

  • After you have the boards mounted with two hole straps (Figure 2.1) and wood screws you will mount wire-lock base on the side top of the hip board (Figure 2.2), using wood screws or drywall screws (wood and drywall screws are not included). Mount screws every 12”.




Step 3

  • Pull the main film over the greenhouse and attach it to the wire-lock base (Figure 3.1). Please be aware the film for the top of greenhouse goes from ground to ground.


Step 4

  • After you have the film secured in the wire-lock, take the 1 ⅜” bottom pipe that is used to roll the film up on. Slide and secure together (Figure 4.1) with a Tek Screw.


Step 5

  • Lay pipe on top of bottom board and attach the bottom pipe clips (Figure 5.1). Snap them evenly spaced along the pipe making sure that you have the film snug at the base.



Step 6

  • Now take the black strapping and mount on hip board and bottom board at each bow / ground stake (Figure 6.4). Make sure to pull strapping tightly (Figure 6.3) from the hip board to the bottom board. Be sure to fold ends of strapping (Figure 6.2) where screw goes through strapping. Use the fender washer to reinforce strapping so it will not pull through (Figure 6.1).

NOTE: Pipe sticks out about 1 foot from end-wall (Figure 6.5).

Step 7

  • Put your handles in the end of the roll up pipes with the handles laying towards the center of the greenhouse. Secure with a tek screw provided.




Step 8

  • To hold up your side use a piece of strapping on each end and loop under the handle and secure to the greenhouse (Figure 8.1). Some people will use a rubber bungee strap to hold the roll up side up.


When it gets cold, remember that you will just roll it down and the weight of the pipe sitting on top of the bottom board and the strapping will hold the film firmly in place.