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Enhance Plant Growth and Transplant Success with RootMaker Root Production Tools


Are you looking to optimize plant growth and ensure transplanting success? Look no further than RootMaker, a revolutionary line of root production tools designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems. These tools go beyond ordinary containers and provide an innovative approach to nurturing healthier, more robust plants. In this article, we'll explore the features and benefits of RootMaker products and how they can transform your gardening and horticultural practices.

RootMaker Containers:

RootMaker offers a range of containers, including 1-gallon, 2-gallon, and 3-gallon pots, as well as 18-cell, 32-cell, 60-cell, and 100-cell trays. What sets these containers apart is their unique design, specifically engineered to promote the development of fibrous, non-circling root systems. By avoiding root circling, plants grown in RootMaker containers exhibit enhanced transplanting success rates.

The Whitcomb System:

RootMaker's success stems from the pioneering work of Dr. Carl E. Whitcomb, a renowned horticulturist and the driving force behind the development of RootMaker products. Dr. Whitcomb's extensive research and expertise have resulted in a series of groundbreaking innovations in root production. His air-root-pruning technique, first implemented in 1968 using modified milk cartons, laid the foundation for RootMaker's success.

Benefits of RootMaker Root Production Tools:

The primary goal of RootMaker products is to create fibrous root systems that maximize plant performance. By encouraging lateral root branching through air-root-pruning, these tools stimulate root growth and enhance nutrient absorption efficiency. The increased root tip surface area translates into accelerated growth rates, improved establishment, and greater vigor in plants.

Transplant Success:

One of the key advantages of using RootMaker containers and trays is their positive impact on transplanting success. The fibrous root systems developed in these specialized tools provide plants with a strong foundation, enabling them to adapt quickly to new environments. With a higher transplant survivability rate, you can be confident that your plants will thrive after being transplanted into the ground or larger containers.

The Whitcomb System Approach:

The Whitcomb System is an integrated approach that leverages the benefits of RootMaker root production tools at every stage of plant growth. Each step in the system complements the previous one, resulting in a continuous development of fibrous root systems. By following this systematic approach, you'll achieve superior plant performance and ultimately deliver exceptional results to your customers.


RootMaker products are not your ordinary containers; they are root production tools designed to optimize plant growth and transplant success. With a focus on creating fibrous, non-circling root systems, RootMaker helps plants develop a greater root tip surface area, leading to improved water and nutrient absorption, accelerated growth rates, and higher transplant survivability. Embrace the Whitcomb System and experience the transformative power of RootMaker in your gardening and horticultural endeavors.