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10' Affordable Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Current Production Time: Estimated 2 Weeks

  • This 10' wide hobby house is perfect for the avid gardener looking to elevate their hobby to the next level. This commercial-grade hobby greenhouse is one of the strongest on the market. Our greenhouses are praised by customers as being one of the most economical and easy-to-assemble quality greenhouse kits available.

    Each kit includes the following:

    •  2-piece Bows (Hoops)
    •  5'3" Ground Stakes
    • Center Purlin (runs the length of the greenhouse and connects the bows)
    • 4 Year Warranty 6 mil Clear, UV-treated Poly Greenhouse Film
      (3 pieces to cover the house including end walls)
    • Wire lock - used to reinforce film where it attaches to the greenhouse frame
    • Bracing and Hardware
    • 2 - Galvanized steel end walls (fitted for a 36" door)
    • Ground stakes driven 24 inches in the ground

    Not Included in the kit:

    • Doors, lumber, and roll up sides are not included 

    Disclaimer: Images are of completed greenhouses with additional add-ons. What is pictured may not be what you receive. Please contact us for more information on what you need for your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Shipping

We ship our greenhouses via motor freight. Your location must be able to accommodate a full size semi-truck trailer up to 70ft. in length. You or someone else authorized must be present to unload the shipment. An exact delivery date will be arranged via phone by freight company. Freight charges vary depending upon your location. Please contact us at (866) 928-3390 if you have any questions regarding shipping or to receive a freight quote to your location.

Storms can be unpredictable and potentially damaging to greenhouses. Proper preparation is essential to safeguard your plants and greenhouse structure. Here’s how you can effectively prepare your Growers Solution greenhouse for an impending storm.

Ground cover plays a crucial role in gardening and greenhouse management, offering benefits such as weed suppression, moisture retention, and soil erosion prevention. Whether you're tending to a backyard garden or managing a commercial greenhouse, properly laying out ground cover is essential for maximizing its effectiveness and ensuring the health of your plants.

Customer Reviews

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Great service custom tailored quality materials.

From one Gardener to Another
100% recommend

This greenhouse was super easy to install and I could ask for a better little greenhouse. You cannot beat the price and the customer service that this company offers is outstanding. They’re a phone call away if you have ANY questions at all when assembling! Thank you, Growers Solution!


Preston Jarrells
All together Looks great easy to set up if you have proper tools and some patience

Set up 95% by myself wife helped with the plastic. Looks great nice and warm . With the one roll up wall and the door you can drain heat pretty quick. I conformed to the grade of the land
Some tools you will need. Small sledge, drill, drill bits ,nut driver, clamps, saw all or hack saw, drill setter to keep the bit in one place, 7ft step ladder, a vise would help with the hard bends, Shovel, Circular saw, level, line level and line, square, sharpness utility knife
Tape measure. .

Preston Jarrells
Fresh off the truck

Right now still wrapped up. Assembly seems straight forward just by looking at it. I've done a little building. Just want to say if any one was curious about moving the packages when it arrived. Easy to move by one person nothing really too heavy. The hardware pallet, fit on my wheel barrow. Just rolled it over, placed it in the ground. Next up a warm day or two,assemble.

Gramma Rose
Great Not-So-Little Greenhouse

For years I have started the majority of the plants for my garden from seeds but didn't have enough room inside for them all and if I put them outside on warm spring days, I'd have to bring them back inside every night. I needed a greenhouse, but couldn't afford one. This greenhouse is perfect for my needs. It's like in Goldilocks and the Three Bears - "Just Right".