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Roll Up Door Instructions

Roll Up Door Instructions

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Step 1

  • Make sure the end wall kit (door frame) and greenhouse film are installed properly. Attach wire-lock base around door frame before you pull the greenhouse film. (Figure 1.1)




Step 2

  • Attach roll-up door film to the top of door (header/wire-lock) with wiggle wire. (Figure 2.1)








Step 3

  • Place the roll-up pipe in the bottom hook clip. Cut the excess film off the bot-tom in a straight line, leaving about 8 inches. Then, roll the film up on the pipe so that the film rolls on the pipe to the inside. This will keep water from collecting in door roll Pipe. (Figure 3.1)

Step 4

  • Attach the film to the roll-up pipe with the bottom pipe clips by spaced equally on pipe. You will have one clip on each end and the in the center. (Figure 4.1)


Step 5

  • Assemble the swivel handle. (Figure 5.1)


  • Attach the “knuckle” to the 3 ft. extension pole. (Fasten with tek screws) (Figure 5.2)


  • Attach the handle to the opposite end of the 3 ft. handle extension pole. (Fasten with tek screws) (Figure 5.3)


  • Slip boot over the “knuckle”. (Figure 5.4)


  • Attach the swivel handle assembly to the roll-Up pipe. (Fasten with tek screws)(Figure 5.5)


Step 6

  • Tightly attach black strap to the top and bottom of the roll-up door. Attach the batten tape with 2 tek screws and washers to the upright on top and the wood base on bottom. (Figure 6.1)
  • Remember to fold over ends double to reinforce. This keeps strap from tearing out. (Figure 6.2)









Step 7

  • Roll-up the door, and trim off the existing greenhouse film. Leave about 2inches of over-lapping film. (Figure 7.1)






Step 8

  • You can use wire-lock to seal your door shut if needed (Figure 8.1).