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Cow "Poop" Pots

Cow "Poop" Pots



Two dairy farmers, brothers Matt and Ben Freund from northwest Connecticut have figured out a way to incorporate manure and plants into your garden at the same time. 

“Farmers and gardeners have always considered cow manure a wholesome organic soil amendment for their gardens. The challenge for these two brothers was to find a new and better way to get manure to these gardens and be of true value to consumers. This is why CowPots were born.”

To grow great plants give them a great start. Cow pots are manure based, biodegradable pots you plant. There is no smell and best of all they are sustainable! Unlike peat pots, which are mined from bog eco-systems, or plastic pots, which are from finite fossil fuels, Cowpots are a renewable resource. They are 100% composted manure, rich in nutrients, and they are approved for organics. 
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The pots stay intact for at least 12 weeks. Once you plant the pot in the ground, they start to biodegrade, releasing nitrogen into your soil. Within 3 to 4 weeks, the pot should be completely decomposed and the roots will have expanded into the surrounding soil. The pots also help reduce transplant shock because you don’t actually remove the plant from the pot. You plant the whole thing!   

**  Benefits in the production and use of the cow pots are two-fold: They help farmers reduce nutrient loads on their farms, which directly contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment, and Cowpots prove to grow bigger, better plants for consumers who do not have any plastic to discard and overload our landfills.

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