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Cowpots...Not a Load of Bull

Cowpots...Not a Load of Bull

Cow pots...Yes. It's exactly what you think. Pots that are made from cow manure. They are the latest trend that is allowing farmers and growers become more earth friendly with these biodegradable planting pots. They are helping create the Earth a healthier place and reducing the work for the producers   

Two second generation dairy farmers, Ben and Matt Freund from Connecticut, developed cow pots. These pots have several advantages. For starters, they benefit the seedlings more in their beginning stages of life by removing weeds, pathogens, and odors from the pot. They shorten the amount of time it takes the plant to grow and increases its return by 10%. Second, they eliminate the process of having to transplant because you can simply take the cow-potted plant and stick it directly in the ground and within 3-4 weeks, the pot will begin to decompose directly into the soil, releasing nitrogen into the ground. Third, believe it or not, it is odor free because the ammonia, which causes the repulsive odor of the bovine waste, is removed through an extensive process.

The traditional plastic pots can be recycled; however, few growers truly do this. Rather,

many of them are thrown away, filling up our public landfills and littering the earth. The plastic for these pots are made from petroleum, which is extremely hard to break down and decompose. In fact, the U.S. EPA says that plastic discharged by the agriculture industry alone is the same amount of plastic that is set out for recycling in America. Not only do they damage the land, they can also damage your plants by promoting root rot from the poor air circulation that is expected from the plastic pot.    

Plastic pots are less expensive, but the fact of the matter is that for the few extra bucks it costs for the cow pots, you are preserving the land we live on and keeping the earth in a healthier state. Not only are cow pots a renewable resource, they are also earth friendly and promote healthier living for us all. I would strongly recommend altering your planting items from plastic pots to cow pots because of all the benefits to the population as a whole, and I urge you to let Growers Solution be your source of purchasing your new cow pots and other planting necessities.