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What's The Scoop On Cow Poop? CowPots 101

What are the benefits of CowPots?

CowPots are the only biodegradable pot made from 100% renewable and recycled cow manure. Our biodegradable pots help you to have a more sustainable garden, reducing your reliance on plastic and peat. The porous pot walls encourage root penetration and healthy air pruning. 

CowPots are designed to be planted directly in the ground which improves plant performance, reduces transplant shock and leaves you with NO waste to throw away. CowPots are the environmentally friendly choice that is better for plant growth, easy to plant and can fit your budget as an economical choice.

Why are CowPots beneficial?

Environmentally friendly:

  • 100% Biodegradable -plant the whole pot.
  • Nothing to throw away.
  • Made from renewable and recycled byproduct.



tomato growing in a 4" biodegradable pot.

Better for plant growth:

  • Roots easily penetrate pot walls- never root bound.
  • Natural air pruning stimulates healthy growth.
  • Porous pot walls absorb water-easy to track moisture.


transplanting pansies in a biodegradable pot
Easy to plant:

  • Plant the whole pot! Do NOT crush or tear the pot walls. Roots grow unrestricted through pot walls.
  • Keeping roots intact means no transplant shock.
  • Less stress on your plant.


mom and child shopping for plants in cowpots

  • Available in small quantities as well as cases from our website. 
  • Comparable pricing to other fiber and com

Do they work?


CowPots actually break down in 1 growing season!


The nitrogen that is naturally in manure serves 2 purposes: 

   1. It kick starts the composting process allowing CowPots to break down once planted. 

   2. Nitrogen also attracts microorganisms in the soil to assist in the decomposition process.


Change starts with a single pot.CowPots are the eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to plastic waste. It's the natural choice for seed starting or transplants that results in zero waste. Our cows' manure is first digested, providing bio gas to the farm. After providing energy value, the manure is delivered to the CowPots factory to be formed into pots. From our farm fields to your garden beds, our food system and environment depend on building healthy soils that can support a growing population.

Now, for the most commonly asked question... Do they stink? Mike Rowe said it best when he was here filming for Dirty Jobs, 'they don't even stink a little'. We've worked diligently to create a pot made from composted manure that doesn't have a noxious odor. Instead the smell has been described as earthy.


Information courtesy of and Amanda Freund herself.