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Greenhouse Frequently Asked Questions

Greenhouse Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my greenhouse from winter weather?

We put together a pamphlet that provides a variety of ways to protect your greenhouse from snow and ice. Click here for our Winterizing Your Greenhouse pamphlet.

What is the Big Bolt For?

The bolt and washer are used to drive in the Ground Stakes.

How do I attach the Main Film?

The main film attaches in the same channel as the End Film.

My Wind Bracing has a gap at the Bow, what do I do?

Use a hammer to slightly bend the end to eliminate the gap.

I do not have enough purlin clamps, what do I do?

The 1st and last bow uses a 1" 2-hole strap instead of a clamp.

How do I square the corner stakes?

Click here to Squaring Calculator. This will give you diagonal measurements.

I do not have enough wire lock for my door, what do I do?

Wire lock is not used for the door. The door frame will hold the film in place.

Did I get dual poly?

No. Our greenhouses are sold with single poly. Dual poly can be purchased.

I only have 1 run of purlin, what do I do?

24 foot and wider greenhouses get 3 runs of purlin. Smaller sizes only get 1 run of purlin.

How do I install my storm door?

Please read the End Wall section.

I do not have enough wind strapping, what do I do?

It is not necessary to install strapping in between every bow. Just equally space what you have. You have been provided the proper amount.

What if my site is unlevel, what do I do?

Find the highest corner and use a string level to make sure all ground stakes are level. You may need to back fill with soil or add extra boards. If you do not want your house level build it on the lay of the land. Keep in mind ground stakes should be driven in the ground 24 inches.

Have questions that we have not answered? Click here to let us know!