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Red Bud Trees

Red Bud Trees

Let your yard be bright and colorful next spring! At Growers Solution, we sell Red Bud Trees, which come in a pack of two, approximately three-four feet high. In the spring, the blooms will appear in April and May will be a bright pink rose color. The leaves will change colors throughout the year, starting at a reddish purple color, then changing to a dark green, eventually turning to a yellow shade. The trees grow best in all sun exposure or in a spot with minimum shade. They prefer deep, moist soil that drains well. These trees can grow to be anywhere from 20-30 feet spread, living up to 20 years. Some interesting facts about this tree include that the flowers can be added to salads or can be dried out and be eaten, it is the Oklahoma state flower, and it is referred to as the Judas tree because according to legend, it was the type of tree that Judas, one of Jesus's twelve disciples, hung himself from several hundred years ago.