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V-Truss Instructions

V-Truss Instructions

 Greenhouse V-Truss - Grower's Solution

Step 1. Connect the two long pipes together; make sure the flat ends are oriented in the same direction.  If your pipes are different lengths, use a short pipe and a long pipe.   Each of these pipes is one flat end and one round end. 

Step 2. Place a brace band around the pipes in the center. This component will be used to attach or make the V.

Step 3. Take 2 of the short pieces that are flat on both ends and a bolt & nut and attach to the brace band finger tight. 

Step 4. Place a brace band on the bow of your greenhouse just above the ground stake or sidewall pipe. Put one on each sidewall. 

Step 5.  Put two brace bands on the center of the bow. These are to attach the top of the V part of your truss. 

Step 6.  Raise the pipe assembly and attach two brace band fingers and tighten the bolts. Make the V even (10 & 2) and level the truss. Once the truss is level, you can tighten all bolts and put tek screw in all the parts.

Install a tek screw on EVERY brace band to attach the bows to the truss pipe.

Grower's Solution Greenhouse V-Truss System